Hi guys, today we are going to discuss, interfacing of neo pixel led through Nodemcu (ESP8266-12E). Neo pixel is addressable led; we can program to display any number/name in any color using microcontroller. Neo pixel came in different smd packages, here we are using Ws2812b-5050 mini RGB.


This mini led has voltage ratings: 3.0v to 5.5volts @16mA (for each Led). Our Nodemcu has 3.3-volt regulator, to drive all the Led’s properly.

Making 7 segment display using neo pixel led:

Step 1:

Here, I do all the power connections in parallel and all the Data connection in series. Using the 7-segment display method, and connect all the Led’s in proper format (As in diagram).



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Step 2:

Each of the segment has 2 Led’s and One whole panel has 14 Led’s in total. We need 4 panels to display time (2 for Hours, 2 for minutes) for the future Clock project. Two more panels can be connected, to display seconds/any other values like Temperature.


Always connect Dout of first panel to Din of second.

Step 3:

Now, Turn Your schematics into PCB and arrange the Led’s in the format of general 7 segment display. Here you can get an example of this.


Step 4:

Making a beautiful looking PCB is equally important. So, I designed the PCB, started with a rectangular board outline then adding different type of board cut-out to PCB. Finally, this image may show my work to you.


Step 5:

Make connection of all the nets and tracks, build the copper area using GND connections for top and bottom layer. Connections can be done using Auto route/ EasyEDA is the best software for this type of work. And JLCPCB is the best PCB manufacturer for low cost and quality.

Circuit Diagram:

Schematic_WS2812RGB_2021-12-03 (1).png

Connection with Nodemcu:


SMT Assembly Service:

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PCB and Circuit Download:

Download all the important files from here.

Testing with different examples:

1) Counter:

Up-down counter is there in the code, We can change the counting 0 to 999 and delay between each count.

/disp_CountUP(500, 450);       // Count numbers in Ascending order  (NUMBER, DelayTime)
//  disp_CountDOWN(500, 250);     // Count numbers in Descending order (NUMBER, DelayTime)

2) To display Numbers:

Numbers displayed on each segment are of same color at a time. In the code color can be changed using the function.



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