The aim of this project is to implement a basic circuit board that allows to check the functionalities of this historical microprocessor by running programs loaded into an EPROM memory. The circuit is based on the MCS-4 family components: specifically, the most relevant member is the 4289 memory controller that allows to avoid the mask ROM 4001. No 4201 oscillator is used to generate the clock signal, but discrete transistors.


It is widely considered as the first microprocessor introduced in the market and its internal complexity was by far superior compared to the ICs of those days. Basically, the Intel 4004 is a "very complex" 4-bit integrated circuit that is able to execute 45 different instructions. However, the gap between this component and the microprocessors of just the first generation after, is not negligible at all: the pin configuration and the way that this CPU is interfaced with the external hardware are unusual and may be considered as distinctive features of this component.