Ardruino Uno Mini crossed with Adafruit Metro M0 Express

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This is what happens if I mix a Arduino Uno Mini with Adafruit's Metro M0 Express.

For this project I used the original board files of the Adruino Uno Mini. These are published as Altium board file here:
And the schematic of Adafruit's Metro M0 Express. These are available as Eagle project here:
The route I took to combine both and add some additional Ideas (like the Stemma-qt/qwicc Connector) was importing both into kicad. At the point this project started I used a nightly 5.99 build of kicad. But switched to 6.0 as it was published during the development, which was mostly done during my christmas vacation.

More to write but here are some key-facts:

  • Schematic compatible to Adafruit's Metro M0 Express
  • Same MCU and set-up, so same bbootloader should be usable (bootloader flashing not yet testing due to missing Tag-Connect)
  • Using Tag connect (or compatible) as space saving solution for the programming header
  • Added i2C connector in stemma-qt/qwicc Style
  • Same board shape and size as Arduino Uno Mini
  • Wanted to use OSH-Park's after-Dark PCBs so only 2-Layers (this was a little bit of challenge)

Will publish all Files once I verified everything. Probably on this github page.

I am also working on a TAG connect compatible programmer cable to get the bootloader on the MCU, will put updates here once it is finished and running, So far only all voltage rails and the Power LED are confirmed working

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