• Moar Power

    jason.gullickson03/30/2022 at 14:03 0 comments

    Been stuck for awhile on making progress because during one of the HPL runs the system suddenly lost power.  Turns out that the barrel connector for the power supply failed, most likely due to overheating.

    I have plans to completely replace the power supply (including a battery) and figured I'd just leave this alone until I had that system ready, but it's been over a month now and I'd like to get back to work.

    So for now I've decided to work-around the problem by using the ATX connector on the clusterboard to power it, and I've switched to a beefier supply as well so that I can kick these power problems down the road a bit.

    This won't be the long-term solution to the problem, but it gets the lights back on for now.

    (next step is to print something to cover those exposed mains terminals though...)

  • Initial Hackaday.io entry

    jason.gullickson12/31/2021 at 21:27 0 comments

    I began working on this project in earnest back in October (2021) and I've kept a fairly detailed login the source code repository.  I decided to share the project here since it is an evolution of a previous project hosted here on hackaday.io as well.

    There's still a lot to do but the project has reached a level of maturity that most of the major components are functional.  The notable exception is a portable power supply (i.e., batteries), but the system is useful without them, and I still need to narrow-down exactly what I want to use in the power supply.

    Along with the hardware I'm developing a number of programs to make using and managing the cluster simpler.