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A project log for Zoom F1 Field Recorder as MP3 Player

Unable to find a proper simple, durable portable music player, I've decided to use my Zoom F1

DustinDustin 03/07/2022 at 20:280 Comments

The crude Linux shell script for preparing audio files for the Zoom F1 has been updated to include automatic file source declaration, and the destination is now a simple variable that can be set once at the start of the program. It has also been renamed to Instructions for use have been included in the comments within the script file. The required "/" in the destination has been added to the code, so the user no longer needs to add it to the destination variable, and can copy and paste the address from the file manager window.

Current workflow is as follows:

1) Download script.

2) Place script in folder of files to be converted.

3) Open script with text editor of choice and fill out the "destination" variable. Save changes

4) Navigate to folder containing script and audio files within the terminal.

5) Run the following command: sh Alternatively, some users may need to run the following alternative command: bash

The script will attempt to convert all supported audio files into 256kbps mp3 files. They will be placed in the directory specified in the "destination" variable defined in the script. 

I am fairly new to shell scripting and needed a fair bit of help with this one from the internet. It does work, and has allowed me to fairly easily put music onto a very well made device that would otherwise sit unused for the vast majority of its life. Any suggestions for the code would be appreciated.