Hi guys, my old Tv doesn’t have any Bluetooth or wireless modem. So, there is no way to connect any device like headphones or speaker wireless over air. Sometimes, in night I have to watch movie on Netflix. So, here I am sharing my research and solutions to that problem.

Solution is simple, A Bluetooth Transmitter. And here we will discuss some of them. I will also try to build my own using Transmitter module.


Bluetooth transmitter and receiver defined:

A simple module used to transmit data wirelessly to any Bluetooth receiver device is called Bluetooth transmitter. Our mobile has built-in Transmitter and receiver, so we can connect any other mobile device and transfer data. One mode from reception or transmission can be chosen at a time in mobile devices.


While talking about Bluetooth modules, used in project. Bluetooth receiver is available in just in $2 and Bluetooth transmitter in just $10. So, we need two different modules, One for receiver and other one for transmitter. In the commercially available Bluetooth cards, we get both transmitter and receiver inside a single pen drive sized box.

But the concept remains the same, Transmitter and receiver mode is enabled using a tactile or slide button switch.

Bluetooth Transmitter modules:

Here is the Bluetooth transmitter module, can used in different projects. Most of the modules are based on JL series chipset. Datasheet of these chips are available on internet. Transmission of data from Transmitter side, and reception of data from receiver side is known as master-slave configuration of Bluetooth.


These chipsets are based on 4.0 bluetooth version, and can be supplied with 5v DC. Audio input can be given through SD card, USB or AUX port. See all the connections details below. Buy from here.

Connection 1:


Connection 2:


Circuit diagram:

Download all the files regarding this project from here.



1) Low power consumption

2) Bluetooth 4.0

3) 10-meter range

4) Stereo channel

5) Usb, Aux and SD card enabled

6) -85dbm Receiving sensitivity

7) 2400MHz working frequency

8) 8g weight

Commercially available Bluetooth transmitter cards:

Then I searched on Amazon, for these transmitters and I found some highly integrated cards. Which supports Usb data in and AUX out. These cards comes with a pushbutton and two mode indicating led. So, we can choose transmitter/ receiver mode using this pushbutton.


Quality of this card is good, and this one is also based on same JL chipset. Which is a very popular IC nowadays. This transmitter card has inbuilt microphone. Buy this bluetooth transmitter card from here.


1) Bluetooth 5.0

2) Low power consumption 5v @60mA

3) Stereo channel

4) 2400MHz-2800MHz frequency

5) Dual mode- Receiver, transmitter

6) -80dbm Receiving sensitivity

7) 40g weight

8) Indicator led’s

9) 30-meter range

Bluetooth versions:



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