Assume you're making a circuit that works on DC however out of nowhere you got the realization that you require an AC component to operate on your circuit. Might be an AC light or an AC engine. How will you respond? Because you really want an AC supply for that yet your gadget has a DC supply. Thus, you require an AC inverter circuit. So, in this tutorial, we are going to see How to make a 200 Watt Inverter. To make this circuit, we are using CD4077 and LM358 as the major components, so, let us first discuss them briefly.

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Hardware Required

Circuit Diagram

Working Explanation

The circuit uses the CD4047 IC which works can work in stable mode. Basically, CD4047 is the 14 pin IC with having very low power consumption. The only purpose of this IC in the circuit is to generate a duty cycle of 50%. To drive the output coming from an ic, two IRF540 MOSFETs are used. Since the Mosfet is a high switching transistor, needs low gate power for division and has high impedance