Universal retro computer emulator based on Raspberry Pi PICO

This board can run retro computer machine emulator MCUME 
and is also compatible with Miroslav Nemecek PicoVGA

Required components

Raspberry PICO1main green board-
DTS63K37tactile switch 7mm height, 1NOr another 1N force is very comfortable to press
2K 0603/ 0805/ TH Ø1.8x3.2mm2Resistorfor VGA
1K 0603/ 0805/ TH Ø1.8x3.2mm2Resistorfor VGA
470R 0603/ 0805/ TH Ø1.8x3.2mm2Resistorfor VGA
820R 0603/ 0805/ TH Ø1.8x3.2mm1Resistorfor VGA
390R 0603/ 0805/ TH Ø1.8x3.2mm1Resistorfor VGA
82R 0603/ 0805/ TH Ø1.8x3.2mm1Resistorfor VGA
DSUB15 FEMALE1Connector Femalefor VGA monitor
DSUB9 MALE1Connector Malefor Joystick
SD card SMD1micro SD car reader
LD-PZPN-35101PIEZOPIEZO sound beeper or another
JS202011CQN C&K or MSS-2235 NINIGI1Side SwitchFor power off (RetroVGA work without)
MCUME emulators are very basic, no save state,
no configuration, only select games from card.

Not all games works, there can be some screen issues, flashing sprites, freezes, unexpected resets

Game console systems supported:

  • Atari 2600
  • Odyssey/Videopac
  • Colecovision
  • Atari 5200

Computer systems supported:

  • Zx81
  • Zx spectrum
  • Atari 800
  • C64