The Sensor WILL be made!

A project log for ADNS 3050 Optical Sensor & Mouse

A board to utilize the ADNS 3050 optical sensor and a fully 3D printable mouse

tomtom 12/05/2016 at 23:260 Comments

I spoke with my sensor supplier today and they are willing to work with me on the minimum order quantities ! This means, I can fund it entirely with personal funds, and about a month of waiting is by-passed ( the remaining days in the campaign and the time required for the funds to clear). Parts are ordered and the new ETA is Early-to-Mid January. I will also be doing another campaign on indiegogo with flex funding for pre-orders and to try to offset my costs as much as possible. I will post an update to the kickstarter as soon as the indiegogo campaign has been posted and an update here with the link also. (Kickstarter will be canceled) Thanks to everyone for their support! I can't wait to get building and ship these out.