Cyber Kamen

64 bits ought to be enough for anybody's face expression.
(WS2812B, ESP32 and Web Bluetooth API)

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Yet another cyberpunk mask (64-bit) with WS2812B.

As your alternate face, it blinks and shows a (64-)bit of emotions.
Currently it's controllable with phones and PCs thanks to the BLE-enabled uC (ESP32) and Web Bluetooth API.
For the hardware aspect, it's basically just a cheap full face mask with the duct-taped LED matrix and some 3D printed light diffusers. About 15 USD and 30 minutes are required to build.

Fig.1 An example of a geeky cyberpunk mask.
from darkarts.jpg


Flexible diffuser for 8x8 WS2812B matrix

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 748.43 kB - 01/06/2022 at 16:49


  • 1 × Flexible 8x8 WS2812B matrix
  • 1 × Digispark (AT Tiny85)

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Vlad V wrote 01/19/2022 at 18:52 point

is it seethrough? if so, im making one.

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likeablob wrote 4 days ago point

@Vlad V 

Hi, Thanks for the comment.

Yes, but limited. About 20~30 deg around the center of the FoV is blocked by the LED matrix.
Probably It's not a good idea to wear this and hang around streets. : D

Anyway I'll upload some pictures of the prototype. (Currently I'm almost done on a new firmware based on ESP32 and a Web Bluetooth-based controller. )

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