3D printable linear servo actuator

100 kg / 215 lb pushing/pulling force, 7mm/s piston speed, 100mm stroke (adjustable limitswitch)

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This a 3D printable linear Servo actuator. (version 2)

Old version:

STL files:

Editable source files:

All the bolts are M3x20, just the bolts are that i fixed the bearing blok to the spacer bolts are M3x10

Motor bolts M4

The bearings are 8mm(608zz)

Printed with PLA.

You can use any motor with that, the endstops and potantiometer will work accordingly.

I took the feedback from the 10-turn potentiometer with the arduino uno and converted it to position information. That is, we can get position data nicely, at the same time, we can program it as we want using bts7960(43a).

Making and more are available in the video.

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