Road stud based on 555 timer v1

Road stud based on 555 timer v2



In this project I used a 555 timer to create a road stud lights. the circuit contains on Ne555p timer, two LEDs, capacitor and some resistors. Also, I used a small solar panel to charge the battery and to detect whether it is day or night.

To charge the battery, I used the TP4056 ship, and I followed the given circuit example in the datasheet.

image of the circuit

The used solar panel is a small solar panel with maximum output voltage of 2.5V. This solar panel is not suited for this application, since the TP4056 input voltage should be at least 4V. Hence, in the test circuit I built I did not include the TP4056.

The reset pin of the 555 timer is connected to the positive terminal of the solar cell through a transistor and pulled up using a 470 ohm resistor, in this way, the lights should flash during night, and turned off during day.


Next step:

In the next step, I will try to get a small 5V solar panel, and try to create a 3D case for the circuit.