Lazer Harp Variant

Build a digital harp based on optical feedback as the stimulus for the tone generation.

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Almost a decade ago two brothers were exposed to Arduino via a mall based RadioShack in the midwest. We were enamored by looking at the different projects the community were putting together in this revolutionary platform for the time.

After years of puttering around with different projects its time to circle back and attempt the project that captured our awe when we were introduced to the universe of cheap micro demo kits and embedded development. This project is based on other laser harps as shown here It also provides an awesome excuse for two brothers to get together and do something fun with basic electronics.

LaserHarp A midi sound controler built on an Arduino Uno with a laser split by a rotating mirror as the midi controller stimulus. There are three main components in this system; a MIDI controller for the sound, stepper motor for fanning out the laser into multiple discrete sources and the laser controller to turn it on and off in between movements. MIDI Controller The MIDI controller uses the default serial port in the Arduino examples to push midi controller commands back up to the PC through a MIDI to USB cable. Stepper Motor and Stepper Motor Driver The stepper motor driver is an off the shelf adafruit model. The code was developed of sample code from the adafruit website as a referenece. Laser and Laser Controller The laser and controller utilize a genric green laser pointer that was hacked a bit in order to add a MOSFET control to turn the laser on and off in syncronization with the movement of the stepper motor.

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