Would you like to know how to make an audio amplifier circuit?, Audio Amplifiers are an essential part of modern electronics. Basically, it boosts the power of an audio signal by increasing the amplitude of a small sound signal to a useful level, all the while maintaining the smaller signal's parameters. They are one of the most common in use circuits when it comes to electronics and perform a wide variety of functions, So, in this project, we will understand how to make An Audio Amplifier circuit using TDA2030 Amplifier IC.

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Hardware Required

Circuit Diagram

Working Explanation

The working of this circuit is actually pretty simple. An audio input in taken from a device such as a smartphone or a mic. The audio input then goes through a coupling capacitor of 47uF. By using a coupling capacitor we are basically blocking the DC component of the input signal, allowing only AC to pass through. The capacitor output then goes to the non-inverting input pin of the IC.