RUDDOG RP691 2200kV characterization

Since datasheet for this BLDC motor is not available, I will try to characterize its properties and share it here.

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Attempt to characterize BLDC motor RUDDOG RP691 2200kV due to lack of available documentation.

Phase LCR measurements summarized below.

Inductance vs measurement frequency chart:

Resistance vs measurement frequency chart:

Taken with LCR meter Hioki IM3523:


  • Commutation with hall feedback

    kevarek02/23/2022 at 08:59 0 comments

    So I have learned that static analysis of step vs hall code will not result with usable table for commutation. Here is the table that is actually useful:

    Same table as above but sorted by step (sixstep algorithm):

    Example of waveforms during OK CW operation (this was data source to create tables above) as acquired synchronously with switching frequency (50 kHz, sampling time at 90 % of switching period):

  • Sensor connector pinout

    kevarek02/13/2022 at 13:18 0 comments

    Pin 1: Supply voltage (both 3V3 and 5V tolerant).

    Pin 2: NTC thermistor output (with respect to GND). 10kOhm @ 25 °C; Beta unknown for now.

    Pin 3: Hall 1 output. Open drain. Seems to be related to Phase A.

    Pin 4: Hall 2 output. Open drain. Seems to be related to Phase B.

    Pin 5: Hall 3 output. Open drain. Seems to be related to Phase C.

    Pin 6: Common ground.

  • Hall sensor outputs

    kevarek02/13/2022 at 13:10 0 comments

    Table with hall sensor output voltage relative to phase voltage (aka six step configuration - current step). Zero phase voltage indicates that phase is not driven by transistor half-bridge.

    Visual representation of table above.

    Hall sensors seem to be aligned in such a way that when any of hall outputs change state, commutation event shall occur (sometimes referred as 0° orientation with respect to phase zero crossing):

    Im not sure what is the benefit but apparently the other option might be 30° orientation (not relevant for this motor):

    Source: Texas Instruments - SLAA695.

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