Laundry Tracker

When your clothes laundry is down the stairs and next door, you want to be told when your laundry is ready.

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I have a dumb clothes dryer and a washer with a proprietary interface (Samsung, of course). Do I reverse engineer them? No, I don't. I get a "green" power strip designed to turn your monitor off when you turn your computer off. I never turn my computer off, though. Instead, I plus the washer into the monitoring port of the power strip, and into the controlled port I plug a USB charger connected to a Wemos Mini (ESP8266) programmed to connect to a MQTT server and say "washer" once a second. Same thing for the dryer but "dryer".

The software is just an ESP8266 MQTT client configured to publish a string once a second. Like, hardly even worth sharing it's so stupid-simple.

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