Minimalist 5G WiFi & BLE microcontroller

Possibly the smallest DIY 5G hz WiFi microcontroller

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In my other projects, I have demonstrated the power of the Ameba RTL872X based IoT microcontroller via using their development board. However, when come to deployment or commercialization, we need as little "non-essential" components as possible so as to cut the cost and make more profit, here I am gonna show you how to DIY a minimalist 5G hz WiFi & BLE microcontroller using easy-to-find items

Development board that involves RF module and antenna design is generally alot harder to design and commercialize, as designing RF circuit can be challenging and yet once designed you have to get your design approved (e.g. FCC) before it can enter the consumer electronics market. That's why, it's a lot easier to design with a pre-certified RF stamp module.

A stamp module contains only the bare minimal components that ensure it can be implemented by other customers easily, it's small and usually Not-For-Beginners, as there is,

  1. No programming circuit (e.g. USB-Serial module) 
  2. No power regulating circuit
  3. No breadboard friendly 2.54 pitch pin headers
  4. No USB connector

However, it also means it's

  1.  A lot CHEAPER than off-the-shelf dev board
  2. A lot SMALLER
  3. Many room to improvise

Therefore, if you think the good overweighed tha bad like I do, then this project is for you~

The main IoT stamp module used here is the same module showcased in my other project , RTL8720DN (BW16) IoT microcontroller, the IC is from Realtek, but stamp module is designed by AI-Thinker, a well-known module manufacturer based in Mainland China.


3D printing part

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 209.28 kB - 01/12/2022 at 12:01


  • 1 × Ameba RTL8720DN (BW16) module
  • 1 × Mini breadboard
  • 8 × jumper wire
  • 2 × buttons
  • 1 × 3D printed adapter for the module

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kwakeham wrote 01/15/2022 at 03:47 point

You mean 5Ghz, not 5G as 5G is cellular

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SimonXi wrote 01/15/2022 at 03:48 point

You are right, its 5GHz WiFi , not the cellular 5G

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