I was watching AFCON match today in some sport bar and at the half time I went to the restroom to pee. While I was on my way a very short person (dwarf) passed by me ahead to pee because he had too many drink but the rest room has only a urinal commode and they are all too high for the dwarf. At first his action as he tries to pee was somehow funny but immediately I felt bad for him because there is no way I can help him quickly because the only way to give him immediate assistance is if I lift him up like a child which will be very uncomfortable for both of us. Most places do not have separate urinal commode for dwarf because they have small numbers that it is considered waste of money by many business owners, releasing this at that moment I have developed a solution for this problem. I also remembered this stand up by a dwarf comedian.

 This project is about building a new kind of urinal commode that has adjustable height for all type of users that can give comfort and dignity while using. The height adjusting mechanism is simple all you have to do is push down and pull up with a very little force to at desired level based on your preference. This can be achieved because there are two overlapping pipes at the lower part of the urinal that act as urine disposal ways and support structure. The inner diameter of one pipe is equal to the outer diameter of the other pipe. The surface friction between the inner surface of the larger pipe and the outer surface of the smaller pipe will create enough force to keep the urinal at specific height until force is applied on it to elevate or lower at desired level via the handle.