News from @x48x4b - machine & Sargon chess code

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michael-wesselMichael Wessel 02/13/2022 at 23:440 Comments

I got another message from @x48x4b regarding his Microprofessor and the Sargon chess program; he writes: 

"This is my machine from the 1980ies, in today's working condition: It is an MPF-IP with the stock accessory boards IOM-MPF-IP and EPB-MPF-IP and 16k RAM. On the bread board section, I have installed an additional PIO, 4 motor drivers and 2 A/D converters. This was done in the 1980ies, to be used withe my Fischertechnik robot. Today, the accessory boards can occasionally be found on Ebay. The Sargon code for my MPF-IP is here: "

I take the freedom to post hist machine here - what a setup!! A dream Microprofessor: