Relay controller (16 relay board)ArduinoMega board

Using Arduino Mega board and 16 channel relay board we can control 16 O/P trigger points, in my case i'm controlling High Current AC motors

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Arduino have very high number of I/O ports, so just i made 16 relay controller board, Using this we can control up to 16 things, all AC and DC things like fans, lights heavy motors etc. included with 5VDC SMPS for relay power. 4 analog Output based Joysticks. joystick pins are connected arduino analog pins, reading X+,X- ,Y+,Y- values simply, the range is 0 to 1023, stable value is like around 500 to 600. More then 600 will be + value and - value will be less then 500.

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  • 1 × Arduino Mega
  • 1 × Relay 16 channel
  • 1 × SMPS 5VDC
  • 4 × Joy sticks
  • 1 × DC barrel connector for arduino

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    Make the connections as per the circuit diagram, You can use 5VDC SMPS as Power source for Relay boards, connect Joysticks to Mega board, as per code and connections. Do common Ground for SMPS and arduino mega.

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    Upload Process

    Select the arduino mega board in Arduino IDE, and click upload the code, test joystick mapping values, You can change the trigger values as per requirements

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