• Based on Raspbery Pi PICO
  • 2" IPS LCD 320x240
  • 30 buttons QWERTY keyboard with optional blacklight
  • RFM95 LoRa radio module
  • Main software in circuitpython, fully open and transparent
  • battery or battery charging is under development, not supported now, It will be connected to the main board as a separate backplane
  • Encryption AES256
  • USB-C power supply
  • 79mm x 69mm x 8-12mm dimensions

Supported displays:

  • 12pin st7789 IPS 240x240 via flex cable 1.3" inch
  • 12pin st7789 IPS 240x240 via flex cable 1.54" inch
  • 12pin st7789 IPS 320x240 via flex cable 2" inch
  • 8pin st7789 IPS 240x240 via header
  • any display with popular china module pinout GND,VCC,SCK,DAT,RES,DC,CS,BACKLIT
  • BEST DISPLAY 2.0" IPS screen 12PIN 320x240 ST7789V display window is adjusted specially for this display

Required components

Raspberry PICO1main green board-
RFM95W1radio module with frequency for your country-
2.0" IPS screen112PIN 320x240 ST7789V-
DTS63K30tactile switch 7mm height, 1NOr another 1N force is very comfortable to press
BSS1231Transistordisplay backlight
10R 06031Resistordisplay backlight
4k71Resistordisplay backlight
LPT1109DS1PIEZOPIEZO sound beeper

Optional components

JS202011CQN C&K or MSS-2235 NINIGI1Side SwitchFor power off (Armachat work without)
BSS1231Transistorkeyboard backlight
100R 06031Resistorkeyboard backlight
4k71Resistorkeyboard backlight
led 080230Side LEDkeyboard backlight

SOURCE CODE for CircuitPython

Some important pages about ARMACHAT and places with fresh news !