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A project log for Twerk lidar robot

An insect-quad style robot with an IMU plus ToF lidar sensor for mapping and navigation.

Jacob David C CunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 05/11/2022 at 07:340 Comments

I seem to keep doing the same thing over and over again with regard to reworking the gaits/checking mesh plots.

So here immediately is something new. The depth sensing box plotting as the robot encounters obstacles  using ThreeJS.

Yes it plotted the second box in the wrong place but overall the project is making bigger strides. I have to work out the translation/back tracking. And also really nail down the obstacle part because it's using the old code that was bad, hence it's not quite accurate.

Longer video

I have to clean up the above.

Next thing will be to import the 3D model of the robot using glTF export from SketchUp and then moving each part. I think I will have to import each moving joint/position them in 3D space, then I can use JS to move them/show the gaits in ThreeJS.
Then improve the UI as it's a piece of crap currently.

I'm going to focus on "finishing" this project because I need to move my mind away from projects for a bit/focus on some work stuff I'm about to go bankrupt yo! lol semi-joking (but I do have to job search after this month). Gotta grind that leet/DSA as they say.