Boards Arrived!

A project log for General Purpose Software Defined Transmitter

GPSDTx is a board capable of transmitting a signal up to a few MHz (1-3?) wide anywhere between 100MHz and 2.2GHz

brett-killionBrett Killion 12/07/2016 at 20:420 Comments

It was several weeks ago now, but the boards came in from Elecrow fantastic as usual. All told, I put the design on a 10cm x 10cm four-layer board. I had them make a stencil for the solder paste application this time, and that was $16 well spent! It was a steel stencil and made the surface mount components a breeze.

I think the total cost for the boards was around $90.

Once again, I can't find any fault with the boards from Elecrow and I'd highly recommend them!