Jetson Nano Test

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Turn your unused Jetsons into a real time audio effect modules with CUDA

E/S PronkE/S Pronk 01/25/2022 at 20:530 Comments

Finished testing on the Nano, works great!

When running with a single instance, the convolution time is 1.9ms for 2 input channels. When running 2 instances in a single process the convolution time doubles, and this seems to be the maximum I can get out of the Nano. As soon as I start 3 instances, the screen starts flickering and the audio sounds like a buzzer. Yikes...

So, to round up, 4 input channels / 4 output channels, should be doable! I tested with a (jack) buffersize of 512, this is as low as the TR-6S will go.