Apple Bandai PIPPIN 256GB from Evangelion

As seen in Evangelion series. Asuka's handheld console based on Wonderswan.

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When i first saw Evangelion 3+1 Thrice upon a time, i noticed a console Asuka was playing. According to markings, it is Apple Bandai PIPPIN 256GB. An imaginary portable Apple PIPPIN. Its shape is based on Bandai Wonderswan.
I immediately decided to make such console, a Retropie emulation with Raspberry Pi Zero (2).

I invite engineers, pcb developers and Evangelion fans to participate in this project.

Project has differences from Wonderswan:

  • Analog sticks instead of buttons
  • Lace hook in different place
  • Minor design differences

I will design case using original Wonderswan Color 3d scanned. 

Then i'll fit Raspberry Pi Zero inside:

  • In main assembly
  • Or in cartridge

Other parts to search and consider:

  • Screen
  • Analog sticks
  • LiPo battery with charging circuit

New features to add:

  • Shoulder buttons/triggers
  • 3.5 mm audio output
  • HDMI output

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Florian wrote 03/17/2022 at 22:34 point

Very cool project.

Being a fan of Evangelion and living in Japan, if you wish to purchase a second hand Wonderswan Color I could help. Let me know. 😉

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production wrote 03/18/2022 at 07:14 point

Hello. Thanks. Surprisingly i bought it in small city of Russia.  

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Jeremy wrote 02/25/2022 at 04:17 point

Interesting that they put "Arcadia" on the top right of the screen, which was the name of a card game, a video game, and a home console that all either predate the anime or were semi-contemporary.

Since it wasn't exactly a Wonderswan, you should feel the liberty to tweak the overall design as needed.

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Carlos wrote 02/17/2022 at 15:50 point

I would kindly help with reproducing the cartridge and device labels if you haven't already designed them

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likeablob wrote 02/15/2022 at 10:44 point

Hi. Nice project! As an Eva otaku I couldn't be more excited to see the completion.
BTW, it seems there are IPS LCD mod kits for WSC being sold around Aliexpress.
I'm not sure the LCD is fbdev compatible or even SPI interfaced, but FYI.

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production wrote 02/15/2022 at 16:57 point

Cool, thanks for add. I'm gonna get IPS mod and try to work with it. But i also want to fiddle with bigger displays.

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Larry G wrote 01/27/2022 at 17:39 point

If you are having difficulty 3D scanning, try photoprogrammetry. First you must fully paint the original completely matte with tempra paint or some sort of powder spray to get rid of the reflectivity. Then you must fleck some paint onto it with a toothbrush to aid the algorithm in tracking it. Then you take it out on a cloudy day (no shadows) and take 80-100 photos of it from every angle, ideally mounted on a jig so you can get every angle. then, run the photos through colmap or colmap CL. you will get a point cloud that you can then remesh into a complete model. you can google "photogrammetry" to get some detailed information on how to do all this.

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production wrote 01/28/2022 at 21:09 point

Hello. Thanks for suggestion. I thought about it. Cant paint it because Wonderswan belongs to another person, currently i cant afford it. But there's not much to scan actually, I almost completely modelled it in CAD

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Arya wrote 01/23/2022 at 05:51 point

... yes please ^__^

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