Project Update - 02-19-22

Due to a personal emergency, the official launch date was delayed. I have now released the models on Thangs. This release does not contain the motor controller and will have to wait for a future release.

I will be adding the links to the materials I sourced from Amazon later this evening

Thank you for you understanding and safe printing!

Thangs Page for ROBO KITTY

Project Update - 02-06-22

I have made a few changes to the filter base. Primarily I have extended the carbon box by about 200% and added honeycomb supports to the inner portion of the fan rest that comes off the side. By volume, this will place it closer to the "deep well carbon layer" that is sought after in bio-warfare filters.

For the time being, I have decided to skip the "metal rust" portions as the compounds they filter will almost never be seen in 3D printing. They will be useful for the home chemists though, so I do eventually plan on adding them back. 

I will begin releasing the models this week with an official launch of 02-14-22

Project Update 01-29-22

The scaled test prints went very well and the motor enclosure for the 775 is completed. Fitment is just about perfect, though I have yet to determine a seal, though it may not be entirely needed if it has been printed on a fine-tuned printer. I may just leave this to user discretion for the time being.