Everyone's advise and contribution is very welcome.

The problem
I have a couple of love birds and the winter is hard enough in Spain. These birds need to maintain its room temperature between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius and the heater surroundings should not be at a higher temperature than 30 degrees.

Initially, a ESP8266 shall be used to remotely control the heater through wifi. I already have a home automation solution based on this chip and a raspberry pi. However, it may evolve in the future to permit other wireless technologies.

Current situation
The referenced github repository contains the KiCAD schematic of the commercial electronics based on a triac and diode configuration that the commercial device brings by default. You can find pictures of it attached to this project.

Future steps
Several steps must be validated:
- Select a valid digital potentiometer and configuration to substitute the mechanical potentiometer.

- Test solution.
- Design an electronic PCB to put together all electronics.