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    POWER UP! or more so, power puzzle.

    So I've come to the realization that power options are their own bit o' fun. Today's entire goal is getting this beast figured out safely.

    The requirements:

    • 115 AC in (wall outlet)
    • less than 20A current pulled so as not to trip the circuit breaker
    • 24 DC out
    • supplies up to 40 amp or 1000 watt.

    Seams like a simple list but every time I've gotten close to comfortable to ordering I look through the data sheets and find another detail that i need to support. After doing a fair amount of searching on the o'l google I've found that searching for power supplies based on "watts" instead of "amps" yielded far better results.

    Not all searches sent me on a trip of happy findings though. one example was this guy OUTDOOR MAGNETIC TRANSFORMER - 1000 WATT - 12/24 VOLT This has numbers that initially looked like it matches but when I go to find the spec details, none could be seen, or interface doesn't sit well with me.

    Then I happened upon Mean Well products, of which I've worked with before but never had any need to make decisions based on them so it was an unimportant detail. Also a good note is that i was directed to these products by at least 4 different searches /online stores. This to me seems like great new regarding me closing in on my target. First one I come across is the SE-1000-24: Which hits all the buttons except a now observed issue by way of the spec sheet. The inrush current hits 35 Amp. but that higher than my 20 amp circuit breaker limit...

    So that led me to look into more of their options and I've found the RSP-1000-24 Which also hits all of the numbers but also with an inrush current of 25 Amps, it's still over my limit. But does bring in two questions... What internally makes these two operate differently? And if this one is over by only 5 amp.

    With this being my best lead at the moment, I start looking into "Inrush circuit protection" and that led me into "inrush current limiter" Something I've seen and had to install on some beastly charge carts once upon a time. But once again I was not part of the ordering process on that project, only the installation and testing of the build. I've quickly found that the phrase "google is you friend" should be changed into "google is you friend that occasionally gets blackout drunk and subsequently takes you on long exhausting adventures you regret at the time but talk about later" But that's a bit lengthy to say so I understand.

    I've finally hit the point of stubbornness that warrants contacting my friends and mentors for advice. Plus with it being the holidays I really maybe just wanted a reason to see what craziness everyone is up to.

  • Online Documentation setup

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    I've been busy taking apart and testing many things, but honestly we all need to take a moment and acknowledge that publicly posting info in a somewhat legible manner is it's own achievement. So that is what this log is for.