In this project, we are going to teach you making a transformer less led driver circuit. The output voltage of this circuit is about DC 12v. To make this circuit, you don’t need any transformer or voltage regulating IC. Using this circuit, you can glow 12v led light, can play motor and can use to make any kind of electronics project circuit.

If you don’t want to use this circuit, then you can use 12v battery. You also can use this circuit to charge your battery.

To make this circuit, you might need some electronics component. Those component list have to been given below.

Component List :

  1. PCB Board
  2. Diode – 1N 4007 *8
  3. Resistor – 10 KΩ
  4. Capacitor - 100µf/ 25v
  5. LED – 5mm *4
  6. Polyester Film Capacitor – 105j 400v
  7. Power Supply – AC Line
  8. Soldering Iron

Connect LED With PCB -

To make this circuit, 1st we connect 5mm LED light with the circuit. That means we connect one LED negative leg with another LED positive leg. We follow same process for 4 LEDs. Finally we will get 2 different terminal. One is negative and other one is positive.

Connect Diode With PCB -

We are using 8 pieces diode to make this circuit. Diode model is – 1N 4017. Simply we divide in 2 side, then we get 4 diode in each side. Using this 4 diode we make a bridge connection for both side. Then we make a parallel connection between this two bridge circuit.

Connect Resistor With PCB -

For making this circuit, we are using 10 KΩ resistor. Now we connect this resistor with bridge diode circuit. Connect this resistor with diode positive and negative leg.

Connect Capacitor With PCB -

Now we connect 100µf/25v capacitor with the circuit. As we connect resistor, in the same process we connect capacitor with the circuit. We connect capacitor negative leg with Diode positive leg and connect capacitor positive leg with diode negative leg.

Connect Polyester Film Capacitor With PCB -

In this process, we need to connect polyester film capacitor with the circuit. To make this circuit, we use 105J-400v capacitor. We connect this capacitor one terminal with AC line and another terminal with bridge circuit AC line.

Last Step For Circuit Connection -

To glow LED light we need to connect LED light with the circuit. We connect LED negative leg with capacitor negative leg and connect LED positive leg with capacitor positive leg.

Finally we connect, AC line cable one terminal with empty leg of polyester film capacitor and Ac line another terminal with other bridge diode circuit. Soldering And Cleaning

Neat and perfect soldering play an important role for all kind of PCBs. Since soldering, you should remember that, there should not be any kind of short circuit connection. After soldering all leg, we cut-off the extra leg of all electronics component. For better result you can use liquid PCB cleaner.

Final Action -

Our circuit, is now completely ready for use. Now just plug-in power with AC line voltage and enjoy the circuit. Again thanks to JLCPCB for best quality PCBs.