Product stage: End of Life

"You know. Analog inputs for the controls would be very nice. Buttons to control other portions like landing gear, lights and brakes would also be wonderful. And maybe a throttle stick. And a VTOL/Trim stick for when I play Simpleplanes. Oh, and make it appear like a dedicated controller to the computer."

Bucket list finished! Now let's start building it. First, let's grab a bin and put all the wonderful mechatronics actuators inside as they arrive from different Alps Alphine storage facilities.
[insert photo]
And ... hm. You know the parents, how they, eh, don't like their kids to be wasting their time playing video games? So yeah, I'm going to make it look like NOT a game controller. I'm going to make it square, like one of the fancy VCR controllers with 100 buttons. Or maybe I want to make it hexagonal so it's "cool".

[insert scratchy drawings]

Pictures will be uploaded. I just need to gather it from my (frustratingly re-entering the password) stupid iPad.


Almost all input components come from Alps. RS**1 SuperSlide,EVQ11K07K and SKHHLMA010 (will be updated), and the RKJXV ThumbPointer. For the controller, I went for the trusty 32U4 (a.k.a. Arduino Micro).

Yes, the Micro. You don't get to use your shoddy Pro Micro that can't even agree on a single wiring scheme. I support official Arduino product.

Story (continued)

Holy shite I need to take a shower today.

Hm. So maybe a little bit like this. Look alright to me.

[insert initial layout picture]

So let's start measure where the leads go (attempt to jam components onto a 0.1 inch proto board). Ok. Maybe here. And this is ... hm. oh it's actually 2mm, which is ....ugh.

Anyhow. I think this will do.

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