Oh NO! There is a new API...

A project log for Livestock and Pet Geofencing

An autonomous system that monitors animals within a zone.

JTJT 01/25/2022 at 19:190 Comments

My hopes were dashed when I saw that the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor uses a new API. The LEGO GitHub repository is for the first version of the API. The newest version 3 has been gutted and restructured. While some of the API changes make programming the MINDSTORMS Hub easier, I need the raw potential it once had. It is based on MicroPython so let's see which modules and functions are still left in tack.

It appears that we may still have access to Bluetooth communications. 

We can also list files in the directory and read them. Well, this is going better than I expected. I will need more time to explore and test whether we will be able to use this.