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In this project we are going to teach you making awesome electronics project ideas. It is called flasher circuit. We are making this circuit using a timer cheap IC (NE555). You can operate this circuit using only DC 9v power supply. To decorate your home, office and other places, you can use this circuit.

The final circuit diagram and design can be seen above. We also thanks to our sponsor JLCPCB( for sponsoring us PCB for this project.

To make this LED blinker circuit, we might need some electronics component. Those component list have to been given below.

Component List :

  1. PCB
  2. IC Base
  3. Timer IC – NE 555
  4. Capacitor – 100µf/ 35v
  5. Resistor - 68 KΩ
  6. LED – 5mm
  7. Battery – 9v

LED Flasher Circuit Design -

The schematic of LED flasher circuit along with the PCB layout can be seen above. Power supply don’t included with the circuit. You can use any 9v battery for this project. For better effect, you can use different colors LED light and can place them in a rhythm.

Connect IC Base With PCBS -

To make this circuit, we need to follow a normal method of this time IC. 1st we need to connect 2 and 6 no leg of timer IC-NE555. Then we connect 4 and 8 no leg of NE-555 timer IC. It is a common connection for NE555 IC circuit. Specially, if you want to make a LED light effect project. Remember, to make led light flasher circuit using NE-555 ic you might need this connection.

Connect Capacitor With PCBS -

Now we connect 100µf/ 35v capacitor with the circuit. We connect capacitor negative leg with 1no leg of timer IC and connect capacitor positive leg with 2no leg of timer IC.

Connect Resistor With PCBS -

To make this circuit, we are using 68 KΩ resistor. We also can use 1KΩ and 68 KΩ resistor to make this circuit. To make this circuit, we need to make a parallel connection between one terminal of this two resistor. We connect parallel side with 7no led of timer IC and connect two different terminal with 6 and 8 no leg of timer IC.

Connect LED light With PCBS -

For better effect, we are using 12 piece led light circuit. We divide this led into 2 side. Then each side will contain 6 LEDS. Then we make a parallel connection in this 6 LEDS.

Now we make a series connection in this two side LEDS. Now we get 3 side . Connect this series side with 3no leg of timer IC. Connect negative side led with 4 no leg of timer IC and positive side led with 4no leg of timer IC.

Soldering And Cleaning -

Neat and perfect soldering is an important part for all kind of PCBs. Since soldering, you should remember that, there should not be any kind of short circuit connection. After soldering all leg, we cut-off the extra leg of all electronics component. We also can use liquid PCB cleaner to clean the PCB board.

Connect Power Supply -

For power supply, we are using DC 9v. You can use 9v battery or can use the power supply, that can provide DC 9v. Be careful about the power supply, because if you use more than 9v , then led light will blown away and the circuit may damage also.

Final Action -

Our circuit, is now completely ready for use. Now just plug-in the power supply and enjoy the awesome effect .

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