Babel in Reverse

A site-specific art installation under the Manhattan Bridge featuring the voices of hundreds of speakers of endangered languages.

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Babel in Reverse is a site-specific installation by artists Joseph Morris and Owen Trueblood in collaboration with the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) that features the voices of hundreds of speakers of endangered languages spoken throughout the city of New York.

Using hanging electronic speakers, the artists will dedicate each speaker to a single audio recording of a language documented by the ELA. Approaching the installation, visitors hear a whispering babel of hundreds of voices in nearly as many languages. However, as one walks beneath the speakers, the babel fades, and individual voices and languages are heard. As participants move through the installation, speakers sense their location, fading in and out to only play the audio of the speaker they stand beneath, allowing them to hear the voices of New Yorkers reciting stories, poems, and fables in languages that NYC is expected to lose in a generation or two.

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Ar wrote 02/01/2022 at 15:26 point

would be wonderful to hear more about this, especially the technical details!

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