Gamepad addon for the Fri3d Badge of 2022

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in order to convert the badge into a hand held console, we created a small board featuring some buttons, and Micro SD card holder and a small speaker amplifier.

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  • 1
    Mount the joystick and top buttons

    place the joystick, Start, Select, A and B button on the top and solder them.

  • 2
    Solder the speaker

    Solder the short piece of wire on the speaker and the 2 holes of the GameOn next to the speaker symbol. This can be done in the back to hide the speaker. 

  • 3
    Mount the shoulder buttons

    When mounting the shoulder buttons, some pressure is required in order to get them flush with the PCB. By design they should be mounted on the bottom. These buttons are optional since you can also configure the 2 pads on the bottom as touchpads. However in user test it was deemed more comfortable having those 2 buttons in place to hold on to the controller.

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