The ATtiny85 is one of the smallest microcontrollers, making it ideal for small-footprint, low-power projects. However, putting your code onto the chip might be a hard task. You won’t have the luxury of a development board while utilizing the Attiny85; instead, you’ll be working with a chip. A special program called a bootloader is one of the more straightforward ways to put your program data into the ATtiny MCU. This program listens for incoming instructions before updating the MCU’s memory with new program information. This eliminates the need for additional hardware. So, in this tutorial, we will discuss the Attiny85 Bootloader using USBasp.

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Useful Steps

  • Using the ATtiny Core Files: Open the Arduino IDE, go to files and click the preferences, follow the diagram below to add the link
  • Now, go to Tools > Board: ATtiny45/85> Board manager. A window will appear.
  • Now, go to Tools > Board: ATtiny45/85>ATtinycore>ATtiny25/45/85
  • After that, again go to tools> chip:ATtiny85>ATtiny85
  • Then select the clock.
  • To select USBasp, follow the below diagram.
  • Now write the code to upload.