As a student of electronics, you might have used function generators in your college or university labs, but have you ever thought to make a little DIY function generator at home? If not, then why not now? Together with us, let us make a DIY Function Signal Generator using ICL8038. In case, you don’t know about the function generator; it is a piece of electronic test equipment that generates and delivers standard waveforms to a device under test, commonly sine and square waves. It can be used to verify that a piece of electrical equipment is operating properly or to test a design.

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Hardware Required

Circuit Diagram

Working Explanation

Through this DIY Function Signal Generator, With outstanding results With a minimal quantity of resistive and capacitive components, the function generator ICL8038 can generate sine, triangle, and square waves, as well as the frequency of the signal, duty cycle, and adjustable distortion sine wave. External resistors and capacitors are important in the operation of this circuit because they determine the frequency and duty cycle of the waveform generated. The potentiometers are also used to alter the frequency of some signal-generating elements.