An audio amplifier's job is to take a small signal and make it bigger without changing it in any way. This is a difficult process since most musical sounds comprise several frequencies, all of which are being amplified by the same factor to prevent affecting the waveform and hence the sound quality. Audio Amplifiers are included in the audio systems to boost audio signals from any source. In other words, amplifiers at the output enhance low-power electrical audio signals. Op Amps are ideal for low-power audio work if you're seeking a cost-effective solution. And, that's why we have decided to make a TDA2030 Audio Amplifier 15W Circuit.

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Hardware  Required

Circuit Diagram

Working Explanation

In this TDA2030 Audio Amplifier 15W Circuit, we are using AC supply and that's why we first need the power supply circuit. So in this case, the circuit is divided into two parts. 

In the first part, there is a transformer that steps down the 220V AC. Then we have made the rectifier circuit to convert AC into DC, which may have ripples that are filtered by the capacitor. There is an LED in the circuit that turns ON when getting the DC supply.