After building my MultiBot CNC I turned my attention to the crazy amount of dust it generated.  The first step was to make a simple dust boot that could be easily 3D printed and that did not get in the way of changing bits.  It took a few tries to get it right, but it is working really well.

With the dust contained I started to notice that my shopvac was clogging up with well dust.  So I started investigating dust separators.  I quickly realized that commercial dust separators are expensive for what they offer, so I set out to make my own low cost 3D printed version.

My first attempt was based around a $5 5 gallon paint bucked and a pair of 3D printed nozzles. This is very minimal, but it worked surprisingly well for the effort and cost, with only one problem...

It Imploded!

So back to the printer for me and I came up with a pressure relief valve that could blow rather than killing the bucket.  This works great, so great in fact that I'm surprised it is not built into the vacuum already.

Finally after getting a bandsaw, and further experimentation, I came up with the final design.  This uses a wooden lid in place of the flimsy plastic one.  And it adds in a baffle to help keep the dust in the bucket.  The only change I would make at this point in time is to add wheels to the bottom and make the lid latch on in place.


You can follow all the progress with the links below