In this project we will see how a fire or flame detector works in a simple way, with few components and without investing a lot of money. Many times there have been accidents in the home or other space that caused a slight fire but thanks to electronics we can detect the fire and activate the water system to be able to turn them off.

Some appliances have a fire or flame detector; such as stoves, water heaters, fireplaces, and most gas-powered products.

It is also used in alarm systems and in chemical and industrial processes or in this case as a simple educational circuit to learn electronics in automation circuits.

By detecting the presence or absence of fire, a decision can be made whether or not to activate the passage of gas as a control or safety measure. Next we will see how easy it is to detect it through fire contact, prevent its spread and thus be able to control it.

First we will have to see the diagram and understand its operation and we will go to EASYEDA to start the schematic diagram

In the circuit we observe that the first transistor will detect the presence of fire or flame and the second transistor increases that signal and turns on a led. The sensor can be a wire to detect it or it can also be turned on by touch as the sensor is very sensitive. Now, what would happen before a real event? In this case, we would have to put a relay at the output that activates the water solenoid valve so that when it detects the fire, the water automatically turns it off in the place where it is, although this requires a slightly more detailed system because we would need automation with electronics to carry it out, However, this is a small circuit that will be very useful for us at home. Next we will see what components we use for this project:

-         2 transistors 2n222a

-         2 resistors of ¼w 1k

-         1 resistor ¼w 10k

-         1 led diode 5mm

-         1 dc jack

-         1 cable for sensor

Circuit characteristics:

-    VIN 5v – 12v

-    Touch and fire sensitive sensor

-    Imin 20mA

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