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Is that a keyboard in your pocket?

dehipude Éhipu 08/22/2022 at 15:350 Comments

I have been using Klap 3 as my main keyboard for a while now, even when it was originally meant to be a travel keyboard. However one thing that is not quite right with it is the thumb cluster being too high – it was intentional, to make the keyboard more portable, but now that I use it every day, I would like to fix that compromise. The new keyboard won't be as travel friendly, and I will skip the magnetic connectors too, but it will have that extra row of keys that will let me move the thumb cluster a bit lower (and move the slash/question mark key back to its rightful place).

The changes are pretty much a little bit of copy-pasting, and adding one more pin to handle the new row. Nothing too exciting. Again, there was a large empty area of the PCB, so I added some decorative holes there.

The PCBs are on order from @Elecrow, so they should be here in a week or two.