Controller, Language, Display and Power

A project log for Motorola Advisor Connected Device

The Motorola Advisor was good enough for Cereal Killer, Acid Burn, Crash Override and The Plaque. Let's do something interesting with one.

Daniel KarpantschofDaniel Karpantschof 01/31/2022 at 23:020 Comments

Controller and Language

I've decided to go with a PyBoard Series-D. Micropython seemed like a good language for this project and wanting to support the Micropython project, I went with an original PyBoard. 


Upon tearing down the Advisor, I had hoped, and successfully so, to discover which LCD is being used, and ideally use the same one.

Alas, the DUREL 51052-E01 display is impossible to find support and tech specs for (it's 30 years old... not surprised).

I have ordered a handful of displays that seemingly fit both specs and dimensions, and will do some testing. 

There are some dimensions that are annoying, but going with I2C for still gives us a good variety to select from.


The chassis is designed for a single AAA battery. I would love to keep that form factor for power, but 1v5 doesn't give us a lot to work with. Even with a DC-DC step up converter, a single AAA traditionally provide is with ~1000 mAh. I'll probably end up with lithium based battery pack instead, but let's see what we can do.