Controller, Language, Display and Power

A project log for Motorola Advisor Connected Device

The Motorola Advisor was good enough for Cereal Killer, Acid Burn, Crash Override and The Plaque. Let's do something interesting with one.

daniel-karpantschofDaniel Karpantschof 01/31/2022 at 23:020 Comments

Controller and Language

I've decided to go with a PyBoard Series-D. Micropython seemed like a good language for this project and wanting to support the Micropython project, I went with an original PyBoard. 


Upon tearing down the Advisor, I had hoped, and successfully so, to discover which LCD is being used, and ideally use the same one.

Alas, the DUREL 51052-E01 display is impossible to find support and tech specs for (it's 30 years old... not surprised).

I have ordered a handful of displays that seemingly fit both specs and dimensions, and will do some testing. 

There are some dimensions that are annoying, but going with I2C for still gives us a good variety to select from.


The chassis is designed for a single AAA battery. I would love to keep that form factor for power, but 1v5 doesn't give us a lot to work with. Even with a DC-DC step up converter, a single AAA traditionally provide is with ~1000 mAh. I'll probably end up with lithium based battery pack instead, but let's see what we can do.