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A project log for PICSPEAK

A rudimentary voice synthesiser in less than 1kB of code.

luciolucio 12/09/2016 at 09:540 Comments

So I was looking at the samples (tables) forming the vowels "a", "e", "i" used in the original code and just figured out that they all look very (suspiciously) similar. The length (period) being the most (obvious) distinguishing element. Clearly I had no good tools at the time to "clean up" or simply to handle the audio signal. The effective resolution appears to be awfully small 4-5 bit?

I am amazed in fact in re-discovering the Turbo Pascal code I used back then to "edit" the WAV files and extract semi-automatically those tables. (You will find the source in the "archive" folder...). Does anybody have a copy of the might Borland Turbo Pascal that would run on my Mac? I am almost afraid to ask, somebody actually might!

Today I am sure I would have used an OSS tool such as "Audacity" or a 5 lines script in Python (import wave) or ... simply Excel !!!

(Libre Office I meant!)