TMS9918 Emulator Library

Open source TMS9918 emulator library written in C99 with no dependencies.

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TMS9918A emulator. Core engine written in C99. Zero dependencies.

The goal is to emulate all documented modes listed in the TMS9918A/TMS9928A/TMS9929A datasheet:

The TMS9918A and its variants were used as the VDP (graphics chip) in the ColecoVision, CreatiVision, Memotech MTX, MSX, SG-1000/SC-3000, Spectravideo, Sord M5, Tatung Einstein, Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, Casio PV-2000, and Tomy Tutor. It is also popular with homebrew 8-bit builders.

TMS9918A emulator. Core engine written in C99. Zero dependencies.

The goal is to emulate all documented modes listed in the TMS9918/TMS9918A/TMS9928A/TMS9929A datasheet

Supported Modes

  • Graphics I (including sprites)
  • Graphics II (including sprites)
  • Multicolor mode (including sprites)
  • Text

Other features

  • 5th sprite
  • Sprite collisions
  • VSYNC interrupt
  • Individual scanline rendering


Graphics Mode I Demo

Graphics Mode I Demo

Graphics Mode II Demo

Multicolor Mode Demo

Quick start

#include "vrEmuTms9918.h"
#include "vrEmuTms9918Util.h"

#define TMS_VRAM_NAME_ADDRESS          0x3800
#define TMS_VRAM_COLOR_ADDRESS         0x0000
#define TMS_VRAM_PATT_ADDRESS          0x2000

// program entry point
int main()
  // create a new tms9918
  VrEmuTms9918 *tms9918 = vrEmuTms9918New();
  // Here, we're using the helper functions provided by vrEmuTms9918Util.h
  // In a full system emulator, the only functions required (connected to the system bus) would be:
  //  * vrEmuTms9918WriteAddr()
  //  * vrEmuTms9918WriteData()
  //  * vrEmuTms9918ReadStatus()
  //  * vrEmuTms9918ReadData()
  // The helper functions below wrap the above functions and are not required.
  // vrEmuTms9918Util.h/c can be omitted if you're not using them.
  // For a full example, see
  // set up the VDP write-only registers
  vrEmuTms9918WriteRegisterValue(tms9918, TMS_REG_0, TMS_R0_MODE_GRAPHICS_I);
  vrEmuTms9918WriteRegisterValue(tms9918, TMS_REG_1, TMS_R1_MODE_GRAPHICS_I | TMS_R1_RAM_16K);
  vrEmuTms9918SetNameTableAddr(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_NAME_ADDRESS);
  vrEmuTms9918SetColorTableAddr(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_COLOR_ADDRESS);
  vrEmuTms9918SetPatternTableAddr(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_PATT_ADDRESS);
  vrEmuTms9918SetSpriteAttrTableAddr(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_SPRITE_ATTR_ADDRESS);
  vrEmuTms9918SetSpritePattTableAddr(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_SPRITE_PATT_ADDRESS);
  vrEmuTms9918SetFgBgColor(tms9918, TMS_BLACK, TMS_CYAN);
  // send it some data (a pattern)
  vrEmuTms9918SetAddressWrite(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_PATT_ADDRESS);

  // update pattern #0
  char smile[] = {0b00111100,
  vrEmuTms9918WriteBytes(tms9918, smile, sizeof(smile));
  // update fg/bg color for first 8 characters
  vrEmuTms9918SetAddressWrite(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_COLOR_ADDRESS)
  vrEmuTms9918WriteData(tms9918, vrEmuTms9918FgBgColor(TMS_BLACK, TMS_LT_YELLOW));
  // output smile pattern to screen
  vrEmuTms9918SetAddressWrite(tms9918, TMS_VRAM_NAME_ADDRESS);

  // a few smiles
  vrEmuTms9918WriteData(tms9918, 0x00);
  vrEmuTms9918WriteData(tms9918, 0x00);
  vrEmuTms9918WriteData(tms9918, 0x00);
  // render the display
  char scanline[TMS9918A_PIXELS_X]; // scanline buffer

  // an example output (a framebuffer for an SDL texture)
  uint32_t frameBuffer[TMS9918A_PIXELS_X * TMS9918A_PIXELS_Y];

  // generate all scanlines and render to framebuffer
  uint32_t *pixPtr = frameBuffer;
  for (int y = 0; y < TMS9918A_PIXELS_Y; ++y)
    // get the scanline pixels
    vrEmuTms9918ScanLine(tms9918, y, scanline);
    for (int x = 0; x < TMS9918A_PIXELS_X; ++x)
      // values returned from vrEmuTms9918ScanLine() are palette indexes
      // use the vrEmuTms9918Palette array to convert to an RGBA value      
      *pixPtr++ = vrEmuTms9918Palette[scanline[x]];
  // output the buffer...
  // clean up
  tms9918 = NULL;
  return 0;

Real example

This library is used in the HBC-56 emulator.

The HBC-56 uses this library to support:

  • Rendering to an SDL texture.
  • TMS9918A VSYNC Interrupts.
  • Time-based rendering. Supports beam-time.

Full source: hbc-56/emulator/src/devices/tms9918_device.c

This code is licensed under the MIT license

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