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A rugged cyberdeck with network hub and SDR

cyzooniccyzoonic 04/10/2022 at 16:291 Comment
At this time I am not quite sure yet what functionality I will be adding to the ESP32 located in the top part of the case. The basic idea is to be able to control the SDR from the knobs and buttons in the keypad. I was thinking of having some sort of menu that I can scroll through with one of the rotatory encoders and then select a function like ADS-B. This would start the application on the raspberry pi and I could then adjust things with the other rotary knob. Another idea is to start an GNU radio and tune to a frequency typed in on the number pad or selecting a frequency using the other rotary knob. I also have 5 momentary buttons I can press so do things such as turn on audio or switch modes.

To make programming easier I have setup a small test rig that can sit on my desk as getting to the code on the ESP32 in the cyberdeck requires removal of the top plate. Missing from the test rig are the 5 momentary push buttons.


Joshua wrote 04/15/2022 at 06:40 point

I would be tempted to find a way to put a HackRF portapack in that space in some sort of flush mount dock. That would give you the ability to use something like SDR# or Airspy on the RasPi and have a full transceiver. Also being in a dock would allow the HackRF to function as a standalone device. As far as interface goes I'm sure you could come up with a way to interface the encoders and keypad to function through software it would just be a matter of finding the space.

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