• AWS IoT Robot Fleet Open Source Demo With Petoi Bittle

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    At the world's premier energy conference CERAWeek, Kevon Mayers, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), showcased a demo he's been working on over the last month or so around IoT connected robot dog Bittle and how they can be used to improve worker safety:

    "They are all able to be controlled via an AWS Amplify web application that I built, and can respond to events from an air quality wearable sensor that my coworker Constantine V. developed. They also have the ability to be controlled via Amazon Alexa voice commands, developed by another of my coworkers, Prathyusha Nandam ! The solution is fully deployable with a custom HashiCorp Terraform module I wrote. " 

    Kevon Mayers and his colleague Constantine Vavourakis have open sourced their work as IoT Puppy Park: Connected Worker Safety with Terraform, a guided example of how you can leverage AWS IoT Core, AWS Amplify, Terraform, and robotics to improve worker safety:

    "In this workshop, you build a solution to help improve worker safety by leveraging AWS IoT, and robotics. The solution will include an AWS Amplify App that allows you to issue commands to each robot, as well as an entire fleet of robots. The solution will also include connectivity with an air quality sensor to track simulated toxins. To streamline deployment and management, all of this will be able to be deployed by leveraging Terraform."

    Even though Petoi Bittle is a small robot dog that may not be conceived as an industrial robot for IoT automation, this AWS IoT demo has received a lot of positive feedback from industry players looking for affordable quadruped robots that can go into small spaces where big robot dogs such as Boston Dynamic Spot Mini robot dogs can't go.  AI models can also be deployed on Bittle to navigate and sense without human intervention.

    With the affordable price and camera and sensor support via Ardunio and RaspBerry Pi, Petoi Bittle open source robot dogs are great robotics kits for IoT automation prototyping and deployment with many different industrial robotics use cases.

  • Bittle Robot Dog AWS IoT Showcase at Latency Conference 2023 - Perth, Australia

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    A summary from Jen O'Hehir, the Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS):

    Latency Conference is a cloud-agnostic community event designed for progressive IT leaders, developers, testers, and product owners. The conference is dedicated to exploring the cultural values, tools, and teams required for building and operating products in the cloud. This year we saw over 500 attendees come together for 2 days for an in-person event to celebrate the incredible things being done in our local tech community.

    Each year AWS sponsors this event and runs a booth where tech folk can come and talk with us about their goals and get some guidance. This year we also ran a demonstration stand with an IoT Stack including a Petoi Robot Dog Bittle and an M5 Stick with an Air Quality Sensor.

    This demonstration was based on the IoT Puppy Park Workshop using Petoi Bittle robot dog and had extensions using IoT Event Rules into Amazon IoT Sitewise and Amazon Managed Grafana, alerting and a dashboard of the air quality metrics and battery levels.

    The demonstration proved the secure, low latency flow of information up to the cloud as well as commands from a hosted application back to the Robot dogs using AWS IoT services. Conference attendees enjoyed having a go commanding the dogs to do actions as well as triggering the low air quality alert with the dogs warning them of danger.


  • BiBoard, High-Performance ESP32-Based Quadruped Robot Microcontroller

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    We just released BiBoard,  an ESP32-based quadruped robot dog controller that's equipped with high-performance processors, larger memory and storage, and wireless connections.  Audio function is also included.

    Check the following demo videos of running BiBoard on Bittle to see its great performance:

    Arduino developers, robotics coders, programmers, developers, and engineers would love this great board with a reasonable price to build their own multi-legged robots.

  • Petoi Open Source Robots at Open Sauce in San Francisco, July 15-16, 2023

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    We were so delighted to have Petoi quadruped robot dog Bittle and robot cat Nybble meet with makers of all ages and robotics buddies at the fabulous Open Sauce event in San Francisco.

    Everyone had a lot of fun playing with Petoi open-source robotics kits. We also showcased Petoi's high-performance servosESP32-based BiBoadArduino Uno compatible NyBoardvarious sensorsvoice command module, and smart camera module.

  • Revolutionary Robotics: Bittle the Robot Dog Wows on the Ice Rink at STEM-Focused Robots on Ice Event

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    The Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association (SVISA) hosted its third Robots on Ice event in Palo Alto, California, on February 26, 2023.   The third annual edition of the event aimed to bridge the worlds of ice skating and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). It is done by showcasing robots on an ice rink. 

    The choice of an ice skating rink as the venue for the robot demonstrations proved inspiring. The spacious rink provided ample room for the robots, including robot cars, robotic balls, and quadruped robots. So, they all showed their capabilities while keeping them close to the audience. Moreover, the ice surface presented a compelling challenge for the robots. 

    Bittle wowed the crowd with its exceptional performance among the impressive lineup of robots. This quadruped robotic dog excelled in every aspect, navigating the icy terrain without problems. Bittle's agility and resilience were on full display. It skillfully bounded across the ice, captivating the attention and appreciation of the spectators. The fact that Bittle returned unscathed without damaging its body showcased its durability and robust design.

    The event creates an immersive experience for attendees. So, they have captivated their imaginations and inspired them to explore the limitless possibilities of science and technology.

    The enthusiastic response from both participants and onlookers solidifies the event's importance. Encouraging kids and teens to embrace robotics and STEM skills with robotics kits lays the foundation for future innovators and scientists. Hence, they can ensure a brighter future where technology and creativity intertwine by nurturing this interest and enthusiasm.

    In conclusion, the outstanding performance of Robot Dog Bittle on the ice rink at the STEM-focused extravaganza captivated the audience's imagination. The success of this event demonstrates the potential of showcasing robotics in unconventional settings, creating a bridge between technology and traditional activities like ice skating. By instilling excitement and interest in robots and STEM skills among young minds, we empower future generations to become the pioneers who shape the world of tomorrow.

  • Sense and React: the Amazing Capabilities of Bittle, the Sensor-Packed Robot Dog

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    Bittle open source robot dog is having some fun using a camera and a few IoT sensors to do an Easter Egg hunt and celebrate the National Robotics Week from April 8 to 16:

    The sensors in the video:

    • Object recognition smart camera module: Enhance Bittle Robot Dog, your quadruped robotics device with a cutting-edge smart camera module designed for object recognition. Experience advanced visual capabilities without compromising on performance.
    • Touch sensor: Expand your device's sensing system with our touch sensor featuring two touch pads for sensing touches.
    • Gesture sensor for intuitive control: Enable Bittle robot dog, your device, to recognize basic gestures such as top, down, left, and right movements. Unlock the potential for performing tricks and effortlessly navigate through functions. The gesture sensor is seamlessly integrated via the Grove connector's 12C pins (SCL/SDA). 
    • Light sensor for brightness detection: Enhance robot dog Bittle's adaptability with a light sensor module that measures brightness. Enable your device to effortlessly track and follow a light source for improved functionality. The light sensor module utilizes two analog input pins in the Grove connector.

    All of the sensors and the camera are Arduino-compatible modules and can work with Raspberry Pi. 

  • Petoi Robot Dog, Bittle Deployed at Syracuse University STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop in Summer 2022

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    In the summer of 2022, Syracuse University had the pleasure of hosting the STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop, a thrilling event aimed at inspiring young minds in the field of robotics. One of the highlights of the workshop was the deployment of Petoi's remarkable robot dog, Bittle. This advanced robotic companion captured the attention and imagination of the participants, offering a unique and interactive learning experience.

    Robotics Education

    The STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop was an initiative designed to introduce middle school students to the exciting world of robotics and foster their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The workshop featured a range of hands-on activities and educational sessions that allowed participants to explore the principles of robotics, coding, and engineering.

    At the heart of the workshop was Petoi's bionic robot dogBittle, a high-performance, open-source quadruped robot designed to mimic the movements and behavior of a real dog. Its compact size, sleek design, and advanced capabilities make it a perfect tool for teaching robotics and inspiring creativity.

    During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to interact with Bittle and learn about its features and functionalities. They discovered how to control Bittle's movements, program it to perform various tasks, and even customize its behavior using Petoi's  Open Source Programmable Bittle Robot Dog. This hands-on experience allowed the students to explore the possibilities of robotics in a fun and engaging way.

    Robotics Education

    The deployment of Bittle at the STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop also provided an opportunity to discuss the importance of open-source platforms in robotics education. Petoi's commitment to open-source software enables students and educators to access and modify the technology, fostering innovation and collaboration within the robotics community.

    Throughout the workshop, participants worked in teams, collaborating on projects and solving challenges using Bittle. This collaborative approach not only enhanced their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills but also nurtured their ability to work effectively as a team. The students quickly discovered that robotics is a multidisciplinary field that requires expertise in programming, engineering, and design.

    Robotics Education

    The workshop also incorporated elements of coding, allowing participants to explore the relationship between robotics and computer science. They learned how to program Bittle using a block-based coding environment, enabling them to develop custom behaviors and functionalities for the robot dog.

    Robotics Eductaion

    The presence of Bittle in the form of a quadruped robot pet at the STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop sparked enthusiasm and curiosity among the participants. The interactive sessions and hands-on activities with Bittle instilled a sense of wonder and excitement, inspiring young minds to pursue further studies and careers in robotics and STEM fields.

    The success of the workshop demonstrated the potential of Petoi's bionic robot dog, Bittle, as an educational robot tool. Its versatility, advanced four-legged movement capabilities, and interactive nature differentiate it from other forms of robotics, making it an ideal companion for educators and students alike. By incorporating Bittle into robotics workshops and educational programs, institutions can provide students with an immersive and engaging learning experience to engage with advanced robotics technology, explore coding and programming, and develop essential skills for the future.  By combining theory with hands-on practice, the workshop fostered a deep understanding of robotics and ignited a passion for STEM fields.

    In conclusion, the deployment of Petoi's robot dog, Bittle, at the Syracuse University STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop was a resounding success. The workshop provided students with a unique opportunity to engage with advanced robotics technology, explore coding...

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  • Petoi Coding Blocks Released For Block-Based Programming Support

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    Petoi Coding Blocks Released for Block-based Programming Support

    Petoi is proud to release Petoi Coding Blocks, a new way to program the Petoi robots. It's a drag & drop programming environment similar to MIT Scratch and supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

    In case you wonder how it's different from the other block-based programming environment Tinkergen:

    Petoi Coding BlocksCodecraft by Tinkergen
    OpenCat supportcompatible with OpenCat 2.0 and all Petoi robot petsonly compatible with Bittle running on OpenCat 1.0 which is no longer updated
    Connection typewired and Bluetooth connectionwired connection
    Underling code implementation generationit uses the Python API and can generate Python codes that students can studyit uses the C++ API and can generate C++ codes that students can study
    Free curriculumcoming in mid Mayavailable

    We highly recommend you using Petoi Coding Blocks now.

  • Big Steps For Robot Dog Bittle To Walk Over A Gap - Open Source Quadruped Robot Kit

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    We did some coding to make legged robot Bittle walk over a gap that is 8.5cm wide. The distance between its front and back shoulders is only 10.5cm. 

    The skill is available for download at GitHub.  See here for more details, to reproduce this challenging move in coordinating the limbs of this nimble quadruped robot.

    Note: due to the limited memory size on NyBoard(the default board on Bittle)., the skill is only valid on ESP32 quadruped robot controller BiBoard with a larger memory size. 

    Big steps for robot dog Bittle to walk over a gap - open source quadruped robot kit

  • Petoi Quadruped Robot Dog Bittle Review By Magpi & Hackspace - Build Your Own Miniature Boston Dynamics Spot-Like Robot Dog With Raspberry Pi & ROS

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    We'd like to share the Petoi open source robotics kit Bittle in-depth reviews by the MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi Magazine, and HackSpace, the monthly magazine for people who love to make things and those who want to learn.

    These reviews cover how to build your own miniature Boston Dynamics  Spot-like robot dog as well as Raspberry Pi & ROS integrations with quadruped robot Bittle:

    MagPi 2022 Nov petoi robot dog bittle reviewhackspace 2022 nov petoi robot dog bittle review