Initial state of the Pfaff 31

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Fixing up vintage sewing machines for hobby use.

joseph-eoffJoseph Eoff 02/12/2022 at 22:080 Comments

The Pfaff 31 I've cleaned up for my daughter had an easier life than my Adler 8.  The Pfaff 31 belonged to my father-in-law's mother - that's my daughter's great grandmother.

Great grandmother died over thirty years ago.  My father-in-law kept her sewing machine. He took the machine out of its cabinet and used the cabinet as a work table in his workshop.

The machine was in beautiful shape.  It had a bit of dust, but whatever oil great grandmother used on it was wonderful stuff - it sewed like she'd just used it yesterday, despite not having been used in thirty years.

The cabinet took some damage in being used as a workbench.  There were some dings and scrapes in the surface, but nothing major.  The worst was that the finish on the sewing table and the cover was ruined.

The walnut burl veneer front was undamaged, though it was grungy and had a couple of drops of white house paint on it.

The only real work to getting the Pfaff 31 ready for use was in restoring the cabinet.