multi-PCB motherboard

The assembly is made from 2 PCBs and acts as motherboard. It provides power and connection to car buses for connected boards.

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This assembly acts like a motherboard for all PCBs in the front of the race car. It provides power and connection to car buses for other PCBs(the voltage is converted from 24V to 5V with a 5A LM22679TJ-5.0 voltage regulator). Circuit boards are stacked on top of each other creating a ‘PCB sandwich’ - it allows to extend the count of boards on the stack very conveniently . It is actually made from two separate PCBs connected via IDC cable and goldpin connectors, in order to maximize usable space - there is not a lot of available space when it comes to designing a race car. Everything has to be as dense packed as possible. One of many challenges of designing the "Front Box" PCBs was to fit a lot of traces and components on a PCB, while making sure supply rails can handle a lot of current that is needed to power components. That's why we decided to go with JLCPCBs 4 layer PCB.

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