Robotic Cat Girl Model 7

New Model with updated Body, Face, and Software

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This model is an upgrade from Model 6 found at

The main upgrades include a redesign of the core rotation joints for the torso, and space for battery pack.
Also, the face and body silicone parts have been upgraded to be much better. All body systems are more durable and have better surface finish right off of the 3d printer.

Basic software was written and debugged with the functions
- easy to use control panel from a web app
- AIML chatbot
- Song and audiobook playback
- Neural network vision system with object and face detection / tracking

I wonder if people would be interested in working on the software together as an open source project.
The software is divided cleanly into different sections: audio , vision, motion, and you can add your own upgrades ( such as new voice lines / new animations )
Let me know what other features you want to see.
main project page at

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bruno-js wrote 02/24/2023 at 20:33 point

very interesting project, but it seems there are no news since 2022 ?!?

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voda chan wrote 12/30/2022 at 17:09 point

Has there been any progress i want to see

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