The two towers

A project log for Controlling a cctv camera with arduino!

A dream school project: control one or more cctv cameras with only a arduino

pixelboPixelbo 02/13/2022 at 15:310 Comments

Oh, did I spell it wrong?

I mean the two components for the transmissions over the camera.

Since the protocol used is rs485, I was given two very different modules, one with the max485-CSA chip and the other with the max134-87E chip:

You can have a look a the documentation here: MAX13487E and MAX485.

To summarize: the left module comes with a groove adapter, you need only to wire tx and rx, however the right module need to be wired to be in transmitter mode or receiver mode and that is the major difference the left one an switch between these two modes automatically where the right one can't.

If you wonder why the groove module has twice as much components compared to the max485 it's because it has a current Buck-Boost converter, which enable the module to be driven in 3v3.

But one thing strange is that the voltage differential from the output of the max485 is higher than the max13487E.

We know we need two modules, one for transmitting the information and one for receiving.

Or do we need two? We'll see that in the next log where we will be choosing between the two modules