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A project log for Controlling a cctv camera with arduino!

A dream school project: control one or more cctv cameras with only a arduino

pixelboPixelbo 02/14/2022 at 13:041 Comment

A short log for exposing a main problem: the rx pair of cable have too much noise (the ones that comes from the camera)

To be precise when I input a command for the camera, it drives the motor and just after I call a query for the pan position but the motor has just been driven so the cable have too much noise leading to incomplete result on my esp.

If I don't run the motor it works fine but there is still too much noise:

I know that rs485 work with voltage potential so I know that the cables at school are all the same so there is no ground connection on the cable and I won't make one for now.

So what I need to do here is to find a solution with the modules.

See you next time !


Pixelbo wrote 02/14/2022 at 17:47 point

Little update: I have ordered 5 rs485 modules from amazon, it'll be there the 16/02, so the software and hardware will wait :(

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